Global Exam, conquered by the Arches!

Charles-Eliott shares his feelings about the Arches!

Global Exam, conquered by the Arches!

Leet design X Global Exam

Two meeting rooms and two phone boxes have been installed in the common areas of Global Exam. This means that the sales and customer success teams can live together in peace in the same open space.

LT: Who are you? 

CD: Hello, I am Charles-Eliott Debourdeau, I am the founder of Global Exam. 

LT: What is Global Exam?

CD: Global Exam is a company of 70 people, we specialize in online language training.

LT: Why choose acoustic booths?

CD: I need phone boxes because, as you can see behind me, we have a large space with our sales team and our customer success team. Of course, we make a lot of phone calls, so naturally we wondered about having small enclosed spaces. 

LT: Why Leet design? 

CD: Why leet design, first of all because they were recommended to us by Spliit who found us these great premises. Then we looked for phone boxes that allow us, obviously, to be well insulated so a good acoustic quality. We also wanted them to be aesthetically pleasing and stylish because they are in the middle of our work space. You can tell me what you think.

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