Why produce phone boxes in France?

Why did we decide to go for a made in France acoustic booth? What are the advantages of producing in France?

By Estelle Josse
Why produce phone boxes in France?

At first sight, manufacturing acoustic cabins in France is much more expensive. Made in France has a price tag that companies and consumers often don't like. However, the sector is worth almost 7 billion euros. So why are so many companies taking this gamble and why did leet design make this decision?

French production is expensive

The cost of labour

Indeed, French labour has a cost. It would be one of the most expensive in the Eurozone. In 2019, the average French monthly salary has been estimated at 2238 euros.

In some countries, thanks to very low labour costs, manufacturers can offer products at low prices. The average wage in China is 885 euros, 846 euros in Portugal, 391 euros in India and 260 euros in Indonesia. It is easy to imagine the savings in costs and the difference this can make in terms of price disparity.

The cost of materials

Materials are also more expensive when sourced in France because they are subject to stricter standards than in other countries. Some suppliers can afford to undercut prices because they buy materials at very low prices in their country of manufacture.

At leet design, the materials used for our phone boxes are mostly of French or European origin: steel, glass, wood, fabrics, fleece... We have chosen them for their quality and eco-responsibility. To find out more about our approach, we have devoted an article to it, as well as a manifesto that can be downloaded here.

The social bias

France is positioned as a country with strong social convictions, and this social bias has an impact on the prices charged by companies. Working hours are regulated, as are wages. Employees are treated with respect and have rights. This is unfortunately not the case in all countries. Many groups take advantage of the lack of regulations in some countries or the poverty of the population to abuse employees and even deprive them of all rights.

If a product is offered at a low price, someone else has most likely already paid for it. The people involved in production and the planet are the first to suffer.


France is known to be one of the most taxed countries in the world! Companies are obliged to take taxes into account when calculating their income. The price of French products is therefore logically higher than those of companies that do not produce in France. Not to mention companies that relocate in order to avoid paying taxes!

The impact

Inevitably, these costs are reflected in the price of products. They are the main factors explaining the price difference between Made in France goods and those from Asia, Indonesia, India, etc.

The advantages of made in France

We refuse to give in to the price war (as far as possible). Our ambition is to offer sustainable products, for which it is necessary to put quality first. 

There are many advantages to being made in France, not only for phone boxes and acoustic meeting rooms, but also for all other consumer goods.

The guarantee of quality

Made in France is often synonymous with quality. Most of the time, you will be more satisfied with products manufactured in France.

This comes from French know-how that is passed on from generation to generation through craftsmanship and industry.

The luxury industry is a perfect example: all the biggest fashion houses were created by French designers revolutionising fashion by using French know-how.

Our phone boxes are more acoustically efficient than some of our competitors thanks to the quality of the materials we use.

A valued workforce

France requires a certain transparency which translates into a guarantee of quality. Thanks to this label, you know more about the goods you consume. Where it comes from, how it is made, the materials used...

In addition, the standards ensure that you are paying for a company that respects its employees.

The service aspect

By buying French you are also buying a service. A service that cannot be provided by foreign companies that sell large volumes, are too far away to be at your side throughout the sales process etc.

An important point for consumers: companies can be much more responsive in terms of delivery and after-sales service.

This is the case when you buy acoustic cabins from leet design. Indeed, thanks to our short circuit logic, we have relatively short delivery times. In addition, we are in direct contact with our suppliers, so it is much easier to contact them to order new parts, etc.

The positive side of taxes and support for the economy

It is true that we pay more tax in France than in most other countries, but by buying French you are reinvesting your money in the French economy. Supporting the French economy is a more than important gesture, which we should all adopt at a time when our country is being reindustrialised!

Ecological and ethical responsibility

Last but not least, French manufacturing, if done properly, is much more responsible for people and the environment.

As said before, France is one of the most respectful countries with its employees. Employees' rights are protected and valued.

In environmental terms, the carbon footprint is significantly reduced thanks to much less transport, raw materials are sourced responsibly, and companies are much more committed to recycling and repackaging.

We are the only phone box manufacturer to offer refurbished phone boxes. In addition, we have made sure that we minimise our waste throughout the life cycle of the Arches. 


Producing in a short circuit and taking part in the circular economy are the greatest strengths of our start-up. The acoustic booths we offer may be slightly more expensive, but they are more human and environmentally friendly than most of our competitors.

Leet design aims to improve life at work. We couldn't imagine not applying it to our own company, even though we want to promote the well-being of French employees.

Convinced by the Made In France ? For acoustic booths it's here! If you want to know more before taking the plunge, we advise you to read our article on how to choose your acoustic booth!

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