Phone box or partition, which is the best choice for your company?

Acoustic furniture is starting to be democratized in offices. How to choose between the two preferred solutions of the market: phone boxes and partitions.

April 14, 2021
 Phone box or partition, which is the best choice for your company?

Confidentiality needs in the office 

Ensuring calm and confidentiality at work requires the design of the space, especially in open-space or co-working spaces. Even more so during this health situation when meetings outside are no longer possible. 

Confidentiality in business is a major issue for all organizations. Regardless of the size of the company, some information cannot be shared with customers or employees. Transparency is important, but confidentiality is also essential. 

A confidential workspace will allow you to protect your clients' or partners' data that cannot be shared with the whole team. But also protect your data whatever they are: financial, accounting, contractual... The main thing is to limit visual and auditory access as much as possible. This will prevent any intrusion of a third party in a confidential sphere. It is not a question of creating a closed and secluded space, because then the open space would lose all its meaning. The goal is to find a compromise between too much and too little privacy. 

The need for calm in the office 

Quietness is also necessary for life at work. However, this is the major negative point of open space. Despite the advantages in terms of communication that this office configuration brings us, we cannot deny the impact of ambient noise on our work and our productivity. 


If you are concerned by these problems, you have certainly already thought about acoustic furniture. Nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult to know which solution to choose from the many available on the market. We will focus on two of these solutions: acoustic booths and acoustic partitions. The former are appreciated for their acoustic performance and the latter for their more than affordable price. 

By the way, what type of partition are we talking about?

The so-called "removable" partitions

Partitions are generally quite inexpensive, which is why they are often chosen. They are solutions that require few materials, are easy to build and can be integrated into any space.

  • Solid partitions 

Solid partitions are lined with insulating wool (rock or glass wool). They delimit the offices in distinct spaces and attenuate the noise but, the duo plasterboard and wool is not the most effective in the acoustic level.

  • Glass partitions

Glass partitions, especially double-glazed ones, have a greater impact on sound waves. Glass tends to be more elegant and brighter, and therefore more appreciated by users. 

Why choose an acoustic booth rather than a partition?

1. A gift to the next tenant 

At first, non-removable partitions are not very profitable: once installed, you can no longer recover them. It is a gift that you give to the next tenant! Unlike phone boxes, which are long-term investments since they have a lifespan of more than 10 years (for the best of them) and can follow you in your moves! 

2. Low acoustic performance and comfort 

As you can see, partitions are much less effective in terms of sound insulation than acoustic booths. This difference is mainly due to the materials they are made of. 

Another disadvantage is the reverberation effect. The partition will indeed tend to significantly reduce the sound level but it has no power over the echo effect. This effect that we hate so much, because it gives the impression that we are making a call in a toilet! The fact that the walls are not covered with fabric does not absorb the sound frequencies and instead causes them to reverberate on the walls.

The simple and practical side of the partitions impacts their performance. It must be kept in mind that they offer limited confidentiality compared to phone boxes. The acoustic performance remains slim since they are only a wall and not a closed and hermetic space. So much so that the acoustic booths provide you with a confidential space thanks to their acoustic performance while protecting you from external noise. 

3. Resell your phone box !

Acoustic booths, in addition to being profitable in the long term thanks to their durability and the fact that they can be dismantled, can also be a product to resell. If you wish to part with them, during a move for example, it is quite possible to resell them to the next tenant unlike partitions which are an integral part of the space. Phone boxes are the best investment you can make in terms of office furniture!

4. Save space with an acoustic booth

Acoustic booths, unlike partitions, optimize space to the maximum. Instead of creating and allocating an entire room for your meetings or calls, you can hold them in a booth. Phone boxes considerably reduce the amount of floor space required. 

The partitioning of part of your space transforms your open space into standard offices. Acoustic booths allow you to keep the open space or flex office configuration while erasing the disadvantages of this layout. With phone boxes, you can offer your employees confidential and quiet mini-spaces.  

Any acoustic booth is better than a partition? 

Please note that the advantages of phone boxes described in this article are not true for all cabins. Low-end phone boxes are not likely to stand the test of time. Nor do we promise that they will survive several moves. The sound level of some is sadly similar to that of partitions... 

We advise you to go and test them in a showroom if you have the possibility, this will allow you to check acoustics and ergonomics. If you want to know more about how to choose the best phone box on the market, you will find all the information you need in this article.

Calmness and confidentiality are essential elements in a company to ensure its good functioning. Having a space that promotes confidentiality is now a necessary comfort. However, be careful not to overdo it with confidentiality to the point of hindering communication between the company's employees. 

Acoustic booths are ideal, they represent a profitable investment over time and a certain comfort. To find out more about these products, go to our productcategory !

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