Second-hand furniture, the new trend

Every year, French companies invest 3.8 billion in office furniture, a substantial budget. Unfortunately 250,000 tons are thrown away every year. A waste that many of us can no longer bear!

Estelle Josse
Second-hand furniture, the new trend

So why buy second-hand furniture for your office?

The purchase of second-hand furniture is starting to become more popular among professionals. For a long time, second-hand furniture had a low-cost, low-quality image that companies did not want to identify with, but this period is over! This is partly because the offer has grown in recent years: you can now find trendy and second-hand furniture. 

An eco-friendly approach

This is no longer the time for mass consumption. Buying second-hand allows you to participate in the circular economy. Limiting waste and reducing waste, isn't that the goal of all businesses in 2021? 

The office of your dreams has most likely already been created, it is waiting for you somewhere, you just have to find it!  

Moreover, furniture (the real thing) is designed to last over time. The materials that make it up, wood, fabrics, steel, are resistant to time and wear. So there is no need to worry about the lifespan or quality of the products you buy. 

A health supplement 

The materials used tend to contain volatile substances that are harmful to humans. These substances are released particularly from new furniture, straight from the workshop. Second-hand furniture, having already had a previous life, has had time to evacuate most of the VOCs that are harmful to the health of employees. The second hand preserves the planet but also your health in a way! 

An intelligent approach

In addition to the eco-responsible approach, the second-hand market is much more affordable and economical. So ecological and economical are not two contradictory terms!

Buying second-hand allows you to renew your furniture with a lower budget than buying new. This is a smart move given the rate at which office furniture is changed. Trends change, some furniture does not stand up to daily use, needs are constantly changing... 

A way to take ownership of your office decor

Among the companies that specialize in used furniture, you will find many that offer beautiful furniture. Contrary to what you may think, second hand furniture can be trendy and not just boring old desks. 

But also, by hunting around, you will probably come across little nuggets that will give your office a very special charm! A slightly original sofa, an unusual table, a vase from an eccentric era... Use your furniture to make your workplace a pleasant and different space that matches your state of mind. 

Where can I get second-hand office furniture?

For used office furniture, we recommend our friends at Bluedigo. A company that wants to accelerate the ecological transition of companies. They are committed to an environmentally friendly approach: each product has been selected for its low ecological footprint. Bluedigo plays the role of trusted intermediary, they ensure the condition and quality of all items offered on their site. 

What's in it for us as a manufacturer of new products?

Acoustic furniture is our hobby. From the conception of the acoustic booths, leet design has thought about their second life. Having decided to optimize the life of our phoneboxes by choosing materials that are resistant to time and reconditionable, it was logical for us to offer a reconditioned version of our products. This approach benefits both our customers and the company. 

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