In which area of Paris should you locate your future offices?

It is undeniably interesting to set up your next offices in Paris. Between the opportunities, the network and the energy that emanates from the city, we can only dream of it! But each district has its own atmosphere and characteristics, so how to choose?

By Estelle Josse
In which area of Paris should you locate your future offices?

Within a company, changing offices can be a complex process. For example, the employees of a company will prefer the accessibility of the workplace or the multitude of amenities in the vicinity. As for the employer and/or investors, they will be more sensitive to the costs of renting the office or the possibilities of adding positions in case of development of the company. Thus, to satisfy everyone's needs, companies very often look for a location close to their former offices. 

With high prices that can reach more than 800€/m² per year, the search for new offices in Paris becomes strategic and is often part of a long-term logic. 

With our partner Spliit, we have reviewed 5 Parisian districts that are popular with companies!

5. 8th arrondissement - Secteur Étoiles

An emblematic district of the capital and of Parisian luxury, this sector is mainly sought after by law firms and consultants, but also by large luxury houses and investment funds. It often offers high standing Haussmannian buildings and has good accessibility thanks to the many metro lines that cross it (Line 1, 2, 6, 9, 13 and RER A). Consequently, the average rent is very high (about 615€/m² per year). Concerning amenities, the Étoiles district has many shops and restaurants. The downside is that prices are often higher than the Parisian average. 

Average rent : 615€/m²/year

Access : 5/5

Amenities : 4/5

In the restaurant :

For fans of udon noodles, we recommend Udon Kisin - 9 Rue de Ponthieu, 75008 Paris

An organic fast food created by the chef Thierry Marx and the designer Ora Ito: Marxito - 1bis Rue Jean Mermoz, 75008 Paris

Succumb to the original combinations of the Californian chef at Le Mermoz - 16 Rue Jean Mermoz, 75008 Paris

4. Quartier République

At the crossroads of the 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th arrondissements, the République district is very interesting because of its great accessibility (more than 6 metro lines) but also because of a very dynamic nightlife. Thanks to an average rent of about 500€/m²/year, the République district is ideal for a young startup in development! 


Rent: 500€/m²/year

Access : 5/5

Convenience: 5/5

In the restaurant :

Discover contemporary Chinese cuisine in the heart of Paris with Gros Bao - 72 Quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris

Who said that fusion food was has-been? Go immediately to Siseng - 82 Quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris

For a vegetarian and delicious canteen, we recommend IMA cantine - 39 Quai de Valmy, 75010 Paris

For wine lovers, we can only recommend Le verre volé (to be consumed in moderation of course...) - 67 Rue de Lancry, 75010 Paris

3. 17th arrondissement, the Monceau district

The Parc Monceau is one of the most beautiful parks in the Parisian capital. It is also a very popular place for employees to have lunch. This district is one of the most sought-after for liberal professions such as lawyers, doctors but also accounting firms thanks to the standing of the numerous Haussmannian buildings which characterize it. From a transport point of view, the 17th arrondissement is less well served than other districts due to its distance from the centre of Paris.

Rent: 600€/m²/year

Access : 3/5

Convenience : 4/5

Gourmet side :

For those with a sweet tooth, there are some really good and hearty cookies at Scoop me a cookie - 72 Rue Legendre, 75017 Paris

Brunch, Lunch, Coffee, in short everything we like at BREAK - 119 Boulevard Pereire, 75017 Paris

Enjoy Yann Couvreur 's patisserie for breakfasts or high-end desserts! - 25 Rue Legendre, 75017 Paris

2. 2nd district: the Sentier

Formerly a textile production district, this sector became, in the 2000s, the district of French Tech and startups specializing in new technologies, thanks in particular to the early arrival of fiber optics and very high speed internet. 

This revival is also due to a very lively district with a multitude of restaurants and bars like the famous rue Montorgueil. As for the accessibility of the Sentier, it is more limited than the other districts presented because of the numerous one-way streets or pedestrian streets. 

Rent: 570€/m²/year

Access : 3/5

Amenities : 5/5

On the restaurant side :

The best banh mi in Paris at Miss banh mi - 5 Rue Mandar, 75002 Paris

If you were tempted by GROS BAO, you will also fall for Petit Bao - 116 Rue Saint-Denis, 75002 Paris

For French cuisine with international influences (and more than reasonable prices!) head to Frenchie restaurant - 5 Rue du Nil, 75002 Paris

For quality kebabs no hesitation by the famous butcher Hugo Desnoyer! Go to Grillé - 15 Rue Saint-Augustin, 75002 Paris

1. Saint-Lazare district

The main transport hub of north-western Paris, there are more than 6 metro lines, two RER trains and all the transiliens serving the whole of north-western Paris. In addition, there is a wide variety of shops, thanks in particular to the large number of department stores and shopping malls installed in the district. With the installation of large companies such as Pernaud-Ricard or the headquarters of Google France, the Saint-Lazare district continues its development to attract more and more companies, which consequently increases the rental value of the offices in the district.

Rent: 620€/m²/year

Access : 5/5

Amenities : 5/5

On the restaurant side :

An Italian gastronomic bistro: Uncino - 31 Rue la Bruyère, 75009 Paris

We had to tell you about the pizzas (to die for) at Bijou - 10 Rue Dancourt, 75018 Paris

Discover the vision of a Franco-Nipponese cuisine at Cuisine - 50 Rue Condorcet, 75009 Paris

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