How to position acoustic booths to optimise your workspace

Phone boxes are useful for everyone and in all situations, you just have to be strategic...

By Estelle Josse
How to position acoustic booths to optimise your workspace

Phone boxes and phone booths have become very popular in the last few years. Unfortunately, there are some rumors about them... Phone booths are said to be reserved for large open spaces. Moreover, these booths are said to be magical : no matter where and how they are installed, they restore calm and confidentiality in your office. 

We couldn't believe our ears. It's time to set the truth straight, we make it personal (no need to explain why).

First, we will show you that phone booths allow you to optimize the floor space. Therefore, they can be easily integrated into any room and improve space management. In a second step, we will give you some tips on how to position them properly. So that your employees use them regularly and feel comfortable.

Phone booths save space for everyone

Classic office layout

At first glance, this office does not seem to have the capacity to accommodate phone boxes, phone booths, or acoustic meeting rooms, let alone new workstations or a new space dedicated to employee well-being... 

SPOILER ALERT: It's possible.

Meeting rooms are not really up to date when you know that 97% of the time, meetings are held between two to three people, while 100% of meeting rooms are built to accommodate more than six people. A waste of space that we could do without! In 2021, it's time to trade in your traditional meeting rooms, which are too cumbersome and rarely used, for acoustic meeting rooms.

A meeting room and eight additional stations

In this example, two of the three meeting rooms were removed. The idea was to save space without losing capacity for meetings. Of the three new acoustic booths, two are designed for two people and one for four. If an urgent need for a large meeting arises, there is still a classic meeting room. The layout of the phone booths shows that two zones have been created. This is one of the advantages of the booths: being able to delimit the open space, which can be appreciated by certain departments (sales, marketing, etc.) In addition to the space gained for the phone boxes, the optimisation of the space has made it possible to add eight new workstations. An increase that seemed impossible in terms of space when there were still three traditional meeting rooms.

An extra relaxation area

On this second model, the modifications are similar, but the space saving has been used to create a relaxation area (always very appreciated by the employees). As said before, phone booths can be used to divide the office into zones. You can install them between the office area and the relaxation area, in order to delimit these areas. Some people also like to use phone boxes in the common and chill areas. Here you can relax in peace and quiet or have informal discussions with colleagues.

50 m2 more space

Thus, it can be said loud and clear, with proof to back it up, that acoustic meeting rooms can be used anywhere and that they even save space. Don't be afraid to rearrange your premises, especially with the help of phone booths, you will optimize the management of your space and new design opportunities will open up to you. On the other hand, the positioning of the booth should not be chosen at random, which is what the second part of this article is about! 

Phone booths and phone boxes, magical but only under certain conditions

No, the phone box is not completely magical. If you put them in a place far from the employees, where nobody wants to go, nobody will use them. 

The right positioning of phone boxes and phone booths will necessarily differ according to your needs and your space. A phone booth can quickly become useless, totally neglected by its users. The phone box itself can be very effective, but if it is not strategically placed, you may miss out on the experience. As manufacturers and sellers of phone booths, these situations break our hearts... We certainly don't want that to happen to you. 

Place the cabin according to the needs of your employees 

Not all your employees have the same needs: some like to be in a quiet place to be more concentrated, while others prefer open spaces to facilitate communication and teamwork. These needs vary according to personality, but also according to the work and tasks of each person. It cannot be stressed enough: listening to your employees and ensuring their well-being is paramount. Phone booths are clearly part of this approach and are useful in all situations and for everyone! 

Identify which group(s) of employees need it most. Is it those who work in a quiet and concentrated way? In that case, phone boxes are very useful for private calls and meetings without disturbing your employees. Depending on your team, acoustic booths may be more suitable for collaborative spaces. A few phone boxes are always welcome in an open space to isolate oneself from the noise, agitation and the rest of the team for the time of a call or a meeting that does not concern our employees. 

Finally, before deciding on the locations of your phone boxes, it would be interesting to observe and analyse the main flows in your workspace. What are the most frequently used routes. Employees need to pass by the phone box and it needs to be close to them for them to make the effort to use it. Try to understand what area(s) they naturally head to when they make a call, or need to get away from it all. 

The positioning of the phone box can also affect the comfort you find in the sound booth. If you want to be comfortable, it is best to place it in a bright location. This advice applies especially to phone booths with only one transparent wall and three opaque walls. A dark booth can quickly feel confining, and that's really not the effect you want! On the other hand, booths with two glass walls are often more comfortable for the user, because the light penetrates more easily and the feeling is better. 

Advice on the positioning of phone boxes or individual acoustic booths.

Phone boxes are very popular in general, they fit perfectly into any space. Thanks to their compact size, they offer your employees an isolated and confidential space without taking up floor space. You can also take advantage of unusable corners or recesses to place your phone box without reducing the available surface of your premises. 

The problem with all workspaces is that employees move into corridors or secluded areas to make calls, protecting themselves from ambient noise and possible eavesdropping. Unfortunately, the hallway and these spaces are neither adequate nor practical. The booths have been designed with this in mind, to avoid this inconvenience and waste of time. Positioning it in the centre of your open space, close to the whole team, is both a practical and efficient solution. The acoustic and confidential side is assured (much more than in the corridor!) but without the loss of time and discomfort.

If you don't work in an open space, but rather have employees spread out in small offices of two or three people. The corridor also becomes the preferred place to make calls and have private conversations. You might as well make good use of this corridor by placing a few phone boxes in it! 

Advice on the positioning of phone booths or acoustic meeting rooms.

Acoustic meeting rooms are different in that they can accommodate between two and eight people. They can then truly serve as a meeting point. They are also a solution to install a meeting room in your premises without the clutter of a real room dedicated to this activity.

Of course, it is always important to place your phone booth close to the workers to motivate them to use it. But the goal is to make it available to as many people as possible, so don't hesitate to place it in common areas so that all employees can enjoy it! 


To conclude, phone boxes and phone booths can be integrated into any space, and allow you to optimally arrange your premises. However, you must not neglect their positioning to make the most of them. 

If you're not convinced, we can't do anything more for you. Otherwise we suggest you take a look at our product category ...

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