How to create eco-responsible office furniture?

Our approach to produce eco-responsible phoneboxes through the design and choice of materials.

by Estelle Josse
How to create eco-responsible office furniture?

How committed are we? How did theArche become one of the best acoustic booths on the market?

Nowadays, all companies communicate on their CSR approach, more for image than for commitment. Unfortunately it is sometimes difficult to know the details of the actions and to understand all the stakes. So we decided to write this article to be totally transparent about our approach and the choices we made for our phone boxes.

Leet design has decided to fully invest in its CSR policy. We believe in the benefits of ethical and eco-responsible production. This approach sets us apart from our competitors, promoting both the quality and eco-responsibility of our acoustic cabins. Our CSR policy has acted as a strategic compass, influencing every decision we make and proving to be a source of opportunity.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, engaged citizens can change the world. In fact, it always has." - Margaret Mead.


Short-circuit supply  

Designing and manufacturing our phone boxes in France was an obvious choice. We have followed this logic, and have made sure to honor this conviction as much as possible. 


TheArche was designed by our development team in Paris and is manufactured in our workshop located in Auvergne. Almost all of our materials are sourced in France and less than 500 km from our workshop. 

The insulation used to soundproof our acoustic cabins is hemp wool, bio-sourced and grown in the Vendée. This insulation is more ecological than glass wool which requires three to eight times more energy and is difficult to recycle. 

Our Landes wood, one of the main components of our products, is PEFC certified. This means that it comes from a sustainably managed forest, favouring a balance between the environmental, societal and economic dimensions. 

The steel and glass of our cabins are produced in factories in Lyon by qualified service providers.

Easy reconditioning 

The assembly is a stage on which we wished to provide particular efforts. The objective is to maximize the life span of our phone boxes.

All materials are screwed or mechanically assembled to allow easy reconditioning and high recyclability. The acoustic cabin can be completely dismantled and reassembled. All the parts of the Arches can be recovered, reused or changed. This approach, in addition to being environmentally friendly, benefits both leet design and its customers. It allows us to limit our production costs and to offer reconditioned phone boxes at more attractive prices. The performance of the refurbished Arches is not impacted, thanks to the quality of our materials and the quality controls carried out in our workshops.

Eco-design of theArche 

I Durability of the mechanical elements of phone booths

The closing system of our acoustic booths is provided by a magnet, which guarantees a longer life than a standard mechanism. The door structure is also made of steel for greater durability. No premature damage to the design! We also offer a 3-year warranty. 


II Energy saving and maintenance

A presence detection system manages the switching on and off of the fans and the low consumption leds. The electrical components are all easily accessible by technicians to allow easy maintenance.


III Delivery 0 waste

Unlike most of our competitors, we use covers to transport the parts. Thanks to these reusable covers, the delivery and installation of our phone boxes do not produce any plastic waste.


IV Greenhouse gas offsetting

In 2021, Leet design will offset its G.E.S. (SCOPE 1*) emissions in order to reduce its ecological footprint through a sustainable reforestation project that respects the biodiversity of our French forests.

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