5 coworking places not to be missed in Paris!

With the comfort and aesthetics of the new coworking spaces, we don't know where to turn. Here are our favorites in Paris!

Estelle Josse
5 coworking places not to be missed in Paris!

In recent years, coworking spaces have continued to multiply and reinvent themselves. CoworkinFrance has seen a growth of nearly 300% in the space of 6 years with nearly 1800 spaces in France today. 

These shared spaces are part of a new conception of work, more flexible and more collaborative. Aimed particularly at start-ups and freelancers, but attracting more and more profiles as the offer continues to grow, the number of coworking spaces is not about to decrease. 

There are literally coworking spaces for all tastes, all budgets and all needs. We offer you a selection of the 5 best coworking spaces in Paris! Here is a non-exhaustive, and totally subjective, list of the most beautiful coworking spaces in France!

Wellio - Gobelins

Pro-working for the pros

Wellio is positioned as an expert in design, layout and IT to meet your needs. Their offer is complete: private offices, meeting rooms, shared work space, events space... You have all the facilities you need to facilitate and optimize your work. In addition, the offices are fully customizable to match your brand's DNA.

Each Wellio space has the particularity of having a strong architectural concept, our favorite is the one in the 5th district. Inspired by the Gobelins factory, the modern design of the offices is very pleasant. Finally, the rooftop is a big plus that we couldn't resist! 

Budget level: Office from 750€ HT per month per position.

We Work - Champs Elysées

Nearly 40% of Global Fortune 500 companies trust them.  

WeWork, the famous American platform with an international presence, needs no introduction. 

In Paris and its suburbs, there are nearly 19 spaces. WeWork adapts to your needs: allocated or unallocated workstations, standard private offices, tailor-made spaces, meeting rooms, or even spaces for organizing events. 

At WeWork, each location has its own atmosphere. 

Our favorite WeWork offices are located at 92 avenue des Champs Elysées.

Prices vary depending on the services chosen and the location, but an average of €700 is required for a fixed position.

The Bureau - 25 rue du 4 Septembre

The premium version of coworking

The Bureau has established itself as a high-end coworking space, offering a new way of conceiving work spaces, in line with our times. Enjoy elegant, functional and welcoming spaces combining culture, lifestyle and gastronomy.

The architecture of these offices is carried out by experts in the field. 

Our favorite space at The Bureau is the one in the 2nd arrondissement. 

These vast and bright premises are more than conducive to productivity. The comfort and development of the users are privileged thanks to a patio, a restaurant, a sports room, telephone booths and tea rooms on each floor. 

Prices start at €475 per month for an unallocated office in one of the coworking spaces, and can go up to €1990 for a closed office.

Kwerk - Charity

The culture of wellworking with Kwerk.

The founders have chosen to think of the notion of well-being as a lever for productivity. Members have access to a gym and to sports classes, yoga and meditation sessions. But also relaxation areas and group activities are organized. 

In addition, the unusual design of the offices is much appreciated: huge glass roof, statues of elephants, completely green spaces, sofa hanging on the wall, libraries covering the entire wall... Not to mention two terraces and a rooftop with a view of the Eiffel Tower and the Sacré-Cœur.

Regarding the rates, the cost of an unallocated office is 530€ and the cost of a private office is about 850€.

Morning - Republic

Morning Republic, the flagship of Morning. 

There are about 700 coworkers spread over the 7 floors of private offices.

On the ground floor, the counter has everything you need to enjoy yourself: coffee from the roaster, good Dose pastries and freshly squeezed juices, as well as a large common area to enjoy and chat.

The 8th floor is very popular for the collaborative space with a view of all of Paris. There is also a gym, a games room and a relaxation room as well as twenty meeting rooms equipped for video conferencing.


From €300 per month per coworking position, in other words, a rare value for money with Morning!

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