12 techniques to improve the well-being of your employees

Do you want to improve the well-being of your employees? Here are our 12 techniques to help your employees blossom at work.

by Estelle Josse
12 techniques to improve the well-being of your employees

Happiness, the key to your company's success!

The well-being of employees must be a primary concern of management. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. However, poor working conditions affect the health of the staff as much as the company's health. 

Being happy at work is a key factor of success: a happy employee will make you happy. As Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, said

"If you take care of your employees, they'll take care of your business." 

WHO officially defines well-being at work as "a state of mind characterized by a satisfactory harmony between the worker's abilities, needs and aspirations on the one hand and the constraints and opportunities of the working environment on the other". But how do you offer this harmony to your team? Here are 12 techniques you can use to help you achieve this balance between productivity and personal fulfillment. 

The layout of workspaces

A decoration in your image

The interior design of your office inevitably impacts the feeling of the employees. Working in an environment that looks like us and is familiar to us is much more pleasant. So think about maintaining and personalizing your spaces. The decoration must be consistent with the company culture and the profile of the employees. Finally, don't underestimate the power of colour! Red and yellow are conducive to concentration and decision-making, while blue stimulates creativity and green relaxes. 

Stop office chairs

It has been scientifically proven that sitting around all day is bad for your health. It is therefore advisable to equip your offices with furniture that allows you to vary the postures: footstool, yoga balls, ergonomic chairs, a cabin without a seat... 

Collaborative spaces to encourage creativity

The power of group dynamics is undeniable, so offer your team this chance with modern and comfortable brainstorming spaces to maximize inspiration and productivity. If you are already in this process and need private space, we recommend our article on acoustic booths

The room to do everything but work

Why not reclaim a vacant space such as an empty office or abandoned event room and use it as a convivial space in which to work. Breaks are essential to stay focused throughout the day (as seen in the article Staying focused at work). Thanks to this room, employees can take time for themselves, recharge their batteries or rest between two work sessions. Special mention to the gaming generation coming to your offices. It's time to get up to speed and offer them a familiar environment with a gaming console. 

Go green

In addition to purifying the atmosphere and being aesthetically pleasing, green plants have a therapeutic effect. They soothe the mind and increase creativity.

Health and well-being, keys to productivity

A healthy mind in a healthy body

Swap the machine full of sweets for a basket of fruit, offer raw vegetables during group aperitifs, favour water, tea and fresh juices with soda... Thanks to this new lifestyle, keep your employees fit and healthy! 

Moving as a group

We're not going to lecture you on the benefits of sport... But the benefits of sport at work are!

Once again, through this "extra-professional" activity, the goal is to break the stifling and stressful work environment. Not only do you offer your employees time to unwind, which they themselves do not have, but group sport also promotes team spirit. It is not a question of forcing anyone, think of proposing varied sessions and for all. Seminars of all kinds are also good to take. And if your team is really determined, you can set up a real routine with a regular coach, tournaments etc.

Finally, if this proposal does not suit your facilities, your team, your means or your situation, you can always offer your employees a discounted membership in gyms near the office. 

Relaxation at work

Stress, pressure and fatigue are counterproductive but paradoxically very present in our professional life... One day a week, offer massage or sophrology sessions... Relaxation guaranteed, performance and happiness boosted! A booking calendar can be useful to make the process smooth. 

In the same process, allow and encourage naps. It has been recognized that naps of 15 to 30 minutes are beneficial and help regain productivity. Siesta rooms with footstools and soft lighting are ideal.

Good relationships for good work 

Collaborative music playlist

Music is an integral part of everyone's life. Propose a collaborative playlist on which everyone can add their favorite songs. It promises a good atmosphere, and helps to create bonds within the team.

Flexible hours and teleworking

Everyone works at their own pace, so be aware of these differences. The world belongs to those who get up early, but not that! Night owls may decide to start and end their day later. Establish a quota of working hours per week and let employees choose their own schedules. This will allow them to take responsibility and optimize their work time/productivity ratio. 

Finally, telecommuting days have become almost mandatory, learn how to accommodate and optimize them. Get organised, equip yourself with high-performance communication tools, stay reachable and attentive... Little habits to adopt in order to remain efficient even at a distance!

Freedom on paid holidays

Give your employees the freedom to choose the dates of their paid holidays, or make sure you find an agreement that suits both parties. Being attentive to the needs of workers is essential. A situation in which they are not listened to and respected is not a viable situation. 

Welcoming new recruits

Each team member is important, regardless of his or her position, the length of his or her contract etc. A lunch with the whole team allows for less formal presentations, facilitates the creation of links and promises a good atmosphere. 

The era of the metro-work-at-work-sleep system is long gone, and it's for the best! Be part of this new generation of caring employers who have grasped the importance of well-being in the workplace. We hope to have inspired you with these 12 ideas and we invite you to discover our other articles related to productivity such as the 10 tips for working better in open-space .

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